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Aubrey's feminine facade combined with her urban and industrial edge of travels and welding experience has grown her an audience for many successful bachelors. Her dynamic personality is someone the modern man loves working with. They put their absolute trust in her design aesthetic, process, and decision making. They enjoy coming home to rejuvenate or entertain in an equally successful space. 

The creative culture of the workplace is evolving. Interior design is an industry that is greatly supporting and inspiring this new way of thinking, working and lifestyle. Check out more of this exciting project Aubrey O'Brien inc. has taken on and see how they have transformed the environment to support the creative culture of a new startup. 







From designing custom details for

Walt Disney Company to apprenticing with a traditional Italian woodworker, Aubrey O'Brien has made her mark on mastering the design and construction process of custom detailed built-ins, mill work and furniture design. 


Austin, Texas

2017  / 11  / 01

We are proud to announce Aubrey O'Brien is South Congress Hotel's first-ever Artist-in-Residence. 

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New York City

2017  / 10 / 01

Aubrey O'Brien, inc. 

moves new HQ to the Flat Iron district of Manhattan.  

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Shanghai, China

2017  / 03 /  01

Aubrey O'Brien takes Shanghai, China as Swatch Groups's Artist-in-Residence at The Swatch Art Peace Hotel. 

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