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Aubrey O’Brien is an award-winning interior designer and international artist whose work philosophy is relentlessly optimistic, undaunted by ambiguity, and infused with passion, purpose, and a commitment to quality materials and construction. She’s the founder of her eponymous design firm, Aubrey O’brien Inc.


To Aubrey, every space is an intimate reflection of the client who inhabits the space, as seen through her unique point of view. There’s no copy and paste. Her company excels in sourcing and styling unique selections, designing custom furniture, and bespoke design. Aubrey often finds sources of inspiration and innovation by getting her hands dirty in the design process. To further educate herself, Aubrey apprenticed with an Italian woodworker and also took up welding, discovering a vast admiration for metalwork. 


You could say it runs in the family. Aubrey grew up an ambitious artist with parents in the interior design and custom construction industry. She was reading floor plans and walking job sites at a very young age. She graduated from Ringling College of Art and Design as the Presidential Scholar for Interior Design. She earned her LEED accreditation and began her interior design career designing the resorts for the Walt Disney Company, under the direction of Imagineering Legend, Wing T. Chao. 


Prior to opening her firm, Aubrey spent time designing for multiple runway brands in the fashion industry, followed by an artist residency in Shanghai, and also designed for an architecture firm in New York City where she worked on multi-million dollar residential and hospitality projects. 


Outside the art and design studio, Aubrey is an adjunct professor teaching Intro into Interior Design and History of Interior Design. Aubrey is currently bi-coastal, splitting her time between New York and Sarasota, following in the footsteps of her favorite childhood architect, Paul Rudolph.

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